Ghana legend Malik Jabir blasts ‘greedy’ Osei Kofi over cash snub

Ex-Ghana international Malik Jabir has launched a stinging potshot at another former great Osei Kofi, labeling him as a ‘greedy’ person who extorts money from authorities for his personal gains.

Malik Jabir is angry after being sidelined in the payment of monies to retired footballers who won the Africa Cup of Nations title for the West African country.

The former Kotoko great claims he was ignored in the whole process and has taken on the vociferous member of ‘the 1963 and 65’ winning group.

Rev Osei Kofi led the campaign for ex-players to be rewarded for their selfless service to the nation, leading to the government paying GH¢ 1.7m in fulfilment of a pledge made by Ghana president John Dramani Mahama in the run up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

But Malik Jabir, the current Olympic team coach, has been fuming with rage after being snub in the sharing of the booty.

He launched a scathing attack on the former Ghana star and claims Osei Kofi is greedy and only thinks about his pocket.

“President Kuffuor gave us an amount of 500 million (old Ghana cedis) on the quiet which was received by Osei Kofi and as we speak, I don’t know the whereabout of that money,” he fumed on Oman FM

“He again received the money from president Mahama on behalf of the old players and yet I have not received my share.

“This is what happens when you have such greedy individuals masquerading as genuine people seeking the warefare of players. They only make noise and create the impression old players have been totally neglected and yet when monies are paid, he shares it with his cronies.

“That cannot allow to be continued. He must be stopped. Go and find out how many people got their share of the money.”

The wild allegations against Osei Kofi is a damning verdict on his integrity and credibility as he is seen as the leading figure who has been championing the interest of old players.

It is believed that the four-time African Champions have been jinxed by the former winners of the tournament after government failed to fulfill promises made to them decades ago.

And the payment of the money is believed to have erased the curse, leading to the Black Stars silver-medal feat at the recently concluded Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea.

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