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World health organization states that …….health is not merely the absence of diseases. This statement is profound. So many people wait until they are very sick and rely on their doctors for treatment.The title Doctor is derived from the Latin word “docere” which means to “teach”. Physicians should share their medical knowledge and information with colleagues, with students of medicine and related allied health professionals and with their patients. DOLPHMEDICS CONSULT places emphasis on sharing information and medical knowledge with patients.

The first duty of any health worker, a medical professional or physician is to TEACH.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will teach his patients to become their own doctors the natural way” – Rudolph Mensah (DOLPHMEDICS).

People who communicate effectively with their health professionals tend to enjoy better healthcare than people who don’t. For one to effectively communicate with their health professionals it involves active participation in one’s own health care. Active participation includes learning about health care issues, visiting a doctor regularly, obtaining appropriate preventive care, and remaining observant for signs of ill health or bodily changes so individuals can collaborate with their health professionals.

Over the years medical knowledge has been guarded as a secret of the select few and only “dispensed” when we are sick and then we go back into the pit of ignorance and when we are sick the cycle continues. Some decades ago when you are sick a doctor will tell you, “take two tablets three times a day, you will be fine”. The patient asks no questions and walk away.

That time is over. Modern medicine with all the technological advancement is even making it more sophisticated with the complicated laboratory test and scans. Many patients leave the hospital with more depression after joining queues for long hours and spending a few minutes with the doctor where he was treated as a disease because time was of essence.

In our part of the world we can’t blame the medical professional who has thousand lined up outside the consulting room waiting to see him if he fails to talk to you as a person with a disease and not only as a disease he needs to treat.

DOLPHMEDICS CONSULT believes that basic healthcare should not only be delivered but encouraged. Over the years we only think of healthcare as a right, it is not only a right for every citizen to receive healthcare but a responsibility for everyone. Advancing the role of healthcare to the very individual and making people responsible for their health is a valuable tool in promoting health.

For every self-care, the most important thing every health ministry or health service should promote is informed self-care.

It will interest you to know that people with little formal education or even uneducated can be trusted with their own health when taught basic personal healthcare. They can be trusted as much as those with lot of education. They are just as smart.

Provide ordinary (without medical education) with clear, simple health information and they can prevent and treat common health problems by themselves in their houses; earlier, cheaper, more convenient and often better than doctors.

DOLPHMEDICS CONSULT have the very best of a blend of health professionals of various area coming together to advance the role of healthcare to the very individual. TEAM DOLPHMEDICS comprises Herbal medical doctors, Medical doctors, public health professionals, physiotherapist, medical laboratory technologist, optometrists, nurses, dietician and many more.

We are providing a balance between prevention and treatment. At DOLPHMEDICS CONSULT we talk with people not at them. The role of teaching our clients about their health is what we hold dear.

We provide natural remedies for our clients who have special concerns and also have in place a referral system where our clients with specific conditions will be referred to specialized centers for treatment. For specific treatment to conditions contact DOLPHMEDICS CONSULT for certified therapeutic products

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Join us as we expand and provide individuals and corporate institutions with credible unbiased medical information from our seasoned medical professionals who are all fresh in the field and with the extreme passion for better healthcare.

What about a mobile app where health education is delivered right to your smartphone everyday free of charge? Yes, join DOLPHMEDICS CONSULT and in few months you will have access to a database of health education

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With the backing of seasoned professionals in the field and our quest and desire for research and studies, we are well positioned to serve the people of Ghana and Africa and beyond.

Welcome to the future of medicine. Join DOLPHMEDICS CONSULT today; learn to become your own doctor.

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