SUICIDE: Ugandan man takes his life after Arsenal cause him to lose bet

For losing a betting stake worth 500,000 Ugandan Shilliings ($171) when Monaco overcame Arsenal football club 3-1 in a European champions league fixture, Deus Ruhinda a resident of Kakiika in Mbarara district did the unthinkable.

He hung himself.
An eye witness told Ugandan website Kawowo Sports that the decision resulted from a betting receipt gone sour.

Ruhinda was working in Kasese district, took a decision to terminate his life after losing the match bet.

He was a bodaboda (motorbikes used for public transport) rider and the money he staked was reportedly belonging to his boss in Kasese. Upon the news from the bet, he moved back to his home village (where he had left six years back) and committed suicide.

The witness is quoted as saying that Ruhinda, who was himself an orphan, was lost for any action as he narrated the incident to his relatives – many of them condemning him apart from the grand mother – Nalongo Geturiida, who expressed commiseration.

He became angrier as the guardians rebuked him for not coming back to see them and vowed never to assist him in any way nor give a single penny to overcome the situation.

Two days after the game, Ruhinda was found dead hanging on an avocado tree in the family’s fruit plantation, leaving behind a suicide note explaining his action.

He requested his relatives to pay for his debts.
Local Police were called to the scene after which relatives went on with burial formalities.

Ruhinda’s ordeal is another of the ever increasing number of suicides arising from betting and passion associated with sports events – particularly football.

The stories of people staking household property or cheaply selling off valuables to raise money for betting aren’t uncommon. Sometimes, husbands use their wives and children as bets.

The last reported death of this kind happened last September when Fahad Musana, a footballer with Uganda Premier League army side Simba Sports Club breathed his last upon Frank Lampard’s goal for Manchester City against Chelsea.

Ironically, the doctor’s report released 4 days later indicated Musana had died of pneumonia.

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