Flavour – “Though I Have A Baby Mama, I Am Still Single And Searching”


I guess this clears up a lot of rumors and stories.

I know this comes as good news to women everywhere as Flavour opens up on his relationship status.

Despite fathering a child less than 6 months ago, the singer has declared himself available in a recent interview with City People Magazine.

“Yes though I have a baby mama, I am still single and searching”. he said.

“Not that I wouldn’t want to get married one day, I will definitely get married but I don’t have the time to settle down for marriage now. I am all over the place pursuing my career. I will want to give my family attention and the best when I finally decide to settle down as my parents gave me. My family raised me up by monitoring my activities so I will like to do same for my family. But that is not my priority now because I need more time to plan for that and I need to pursue my career first” he added