Fire in NPP over moles

General News of Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Source: The Republic

NPP Congress 2014 Addo Afoko

A rampaging bout of suspicions has rocked the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) as the party hunt for moles who have been leaking almost all its strategic plans to opponents.

The Republic Newspaper can confirm that an air of uneasiness has engulfed the party as virtually all party members -from the Party Chairman, Paul Afoko and Party General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, to the least member of the main opposition party-, have developed serious suspicion of one another as a potential mole in the party.

This followed the embarrassing Yaw Osafo Marfo secret tape recording which exposed a sinister plan being hatched by the party’s Council of Elders to propagate Akan supremacy and tribal discrimination in Ghana.

Unknown to Mr. Osafo Marfo (a former Finance Minister under the John Kuffour administration) who was busy outlining the ethnocentric plans to raptly attentive Council of Elders members at the Oyinka Hotel in Koforidua on January 29, 2015, a Council of Elders’ member was recording him, after which he leaked the tape to the public.

“… His [Osafo Marfo’s] own party members to whom he was interacting with, recorded him… have you ever heard that an NDC member has secretly recorded his party member and leaked it before?” The NPP Member of Parliament for Assin North, Ken Ohene Agyapong recently revealed on Adom FM.

Speaking in Twi, Hon. Agyapong further confirmed suspicions that the tape was indeed leaked by an unknown member of the Council of Elders, “Why would NPP elders meet in the Eastern Region to strategise, only for one of them to record the proceedings…?”

Earlier, the party tried to blame the Oyinka Hotel’s management for clandestinely recording the high-level meeting headed by Mr. Osafo Marfo, however, the Chief Executive Officer of the hotel in Koforidua, Gyebi Donkor, has since denied his staff’s involvement in the leakage, saying his staff members lacked the capacity to engage in such clandestine operation.

This has put the spotlight of suspicion on the NPP top guns at the meeting. Indeed, this is just one of several instances where the party’s top-secret plans have been leaked to political opponents by its own members.

The party’s flag-bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, suffered a similar fate when a year ago, he was captured on video in an NPP secret meeting in the UK, instigating his members to make Ghana ungovernable for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration.

“By these dangerous happenings, I particularly feel unenthused to discuss anything of strategic nature in an NPP meeting,” Musah Superior, the Special Assistant to the NPP General Secretary stated in a secret correspondence intercepted by the Republic Newspaper.

“…Very worryingly, we have become our own enemies in an exercise we all claim we are in for and committed to. It beats my imagination that a patriot will deliberately record proceedings of our meeting unauthorised and make it available to the public,” he continued.

” If you doubt this as I used to; ask yourself why at a COUNCIL OF ELDERS meeting, a recording of a member’s submission was secretly done and published it. These category of members are supposed to be the most senior and revered in the Party. It beggars belief! The saboteurs are with us. They are our own members. They attend our meetings. We plan with them, but we do not know them. They are very cunning, shrewd and very pretentious. Most of them are older party guys, terribly bitter, self-centred and on a mission…” Mr. Superior charged.

Meanwhile, the Republic Newspaper has intercepted plans to counter the operations of the said moles in the party. These plans meant to be kept as a tightly kept secret from non-members, have already been leaked and has found its way into the hands of political opponents of the NPP and some media outlets.

It is unclear if the NPP has officially adopted these measures, but the recommendations attributed to Mr. Musah Superior, outlines several counter-measures to nib what he called party “saboteurs” in the bud.

Among the proposed strategy includes quite some radical measures that are bound to cause a lot more acrimony and bad blood among party members, critics have warned.

Some of the strategies to scuttle the operations of NPP’s problematic moles include checking and electronically sweeping all meeting venues for buds and listening devices.

The proposals also suggest that whenever the party plans any meeting, a pre-meeting should be organised to warn all participating members from engaging in acts that will undermine the Party.

By this, there are proposals that all electronic gadgets such as mobiles phones, wrist watches, tape recorders etc. should be disallowed from strategic meeting venues while all participants at meetings should be thoroughly searched before and after the meeting.

“This is to ensure that no “foreign” material is stealthily brought into the meetings,” the intercepted proposals outline.

These proposals will mean that all participants of an NPP meeting will be regarded as a potential “imposters” until thorough security clearance conditions are met.