Blame game: Poor training facilities to blame – Osam Duodu

Former Ghana Black Stars coach, Fred Osam Duodu has pointed accusing fingers at local clubs for the poor performance of coaches in the country. 

According to him the clubs have failed to provide world class training facilities for use. “What is happening is that, most of these clubs (in Ghana) don’t have real training grounds. Do they have real training grounds?” He quizzed.

“They don’t have; that is what is happening. Look at their training grounds, do they have training equipment helping the (the coaches) to train these boys?  Most of these clubs don’t even have cones.  So, the coach will have to do certain things different,’ he noted.

Mr. Duodu added coaches in other parts of the world have are the required equipment at their disposal and this enhance training.

‘How do you train for conditions? Sometimes you need some sticks; these clubs don’t have them. Sometimes you need certain things they should jump over, they don’t have. If you go to these clubs, they don’t have even the cones,’ he added.

Osam Duodu, who won the African Cup of Nations twice for Ghana, said Ghanaian clubs lack the training equipment to help coaches do their best. 

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