Anytime Ghana Music Awards is approaching, haters show up – Guru cries

Entertainment of Tuesday, 3 March 2015



Since his major breakthrough with ‘Kasiebo’ with Obrafour, mountains of allegations are leveled against Guru anytime Ghana Music Awards is approaching, source has realized.

In an interview with source, Guru revealed that, anytime he shakes the music scene with great songs and he is an obvious choice for more awards, from nowhere, defamers are successful in bringing allegations against him; the stealing of songs is one allegation which has been branded Guru by detractors.

Guru in an interview with this medium said “what is the time? You know Ghana Music Awards nominees have been unveiled and from nowhere allegations are coming up. Have you realized that anytime Ghana Music Awards is approaching, my name is dragged through the mud? I have no idea why this but since I broke through, this has continued for years.”

Pope Skinny, an ‘ex’ close friend of Guru last week blasted the rapper for being a song thief. He called Guru media-unfriendly names and warned Guru “you want war, you get war, you want beef, am gonna cook one for you to eat”.

Guru in the interview with source said he does not want to talk about the Pope Skinny issue since it is trivial.