Woman Wants Baby With Her New Lover Using Husband’s Frozen Sperm


A woman dumped her husband after she accused him of cheating. Now, she wants to use embryos, which were fertilized with her ex-husband’s sperm and frozen before she left him. According to Scoop, 37-year-old Tracy Bray of Scotland, who suffers from infertility, posits that her only hope of having children is to use the five fertilized eggs, which were frozen before she split from her former husband, Michael. Read more:

Under the legal terms of their separation, Michael, 36, has agreed that she can use the eggs, but only until the end of next year. Bray said that it is not enough time, and has requested legal advice to challenge the deadline to about 5 years.

Bray separated from Michael last year, after he allegedly had an affair. Both are now in new relationships and have filed for divorce.

Bray and Michael were together for about 10 years before they separated. The couple had one child together. The baby named Matthew, was born prematurely and lived for only 16 hours.  Tracy said that she and her estranged husband promised Matthew before he died that they will get him a sibling. She is therefore determined to fulfill that promise to her deceased son.

Bray said that she feels like Michael is now trying to break the promise he made to Matthew to give him a sibling. Matthew’s death left the couple’s marriage very strained and the two later separated.  She wants her new man to raise her baby.  Bray’s boyfriend Richard Duncan, 38, has agreed to take care of the child as his own and not seek financial support from Michael, who lives with his new partner in East Wemyss, Fife, not far from his estranged wife.