NLA Soccer-Cash game on sale

Accra, March 2, GNA – The National Lottery Authority (NLA) Soccer-Cash, a pool-based game for football lovers, has been introduced onto the Ghanaian market for those who are 18 years and above.

With the soccer-cash game, a minimum of 12 fixtures are chosen from selected leagues all over the world including the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and the local Ghanaian league, for players to predict the outcome weekly.

It, therefore, involves the prediction of the Home team or Away team winning or the match ending in a draw for each of the 12 matches available for the week.

Speaking in an interview with Journalists in Accra, Brigadier General Martin Ahiaglo, Acting Director General of NLA, explained that the soccer-cash is a dividend game, which enabled players to win from a pool of sales of tickets.

He said 45 per cent of the pool would go to players who got 10 out of the 12 match fixture predictions correct, 20 per cent to the players who got 11 out of 12 match fixture predictions right and 35 per cent of the pool would go to players who got all 12 match fixture predictions correct.

‘The game is para-mutual, which means that each person in a particular pool walks away with the same amount of cash and if, for example, 10 players predicted 12 matches correctly and 35 per cent of the pool is GH¢ 20,000, each player will walk away with GH¢ 2000,’ he said.

He said, draws for the soccer-cash would be held every Monday after all fixtures had been played at the weekend and the results would be published on the NLA website, its retailers and outlets and in the press.

Brigadier General Ahiaglo said a player needed GH¢ 1.00 to play the soccer-cash game which is now available at all NLA retailer outlets while tickets could also be purchased in multiples.

He said as a revenue generation institution, it was important that the NLA diversified its products to earn more revenue for national development and the soccer-cash was one of such new products.

‘With the numerous challenges facing the country, playing Soccer-Cash means contributing to national development and I will urge all those who are 18 years and above to play,’ he said.


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