Acquitted Fulani robber kills three; three others on his hit list

A suspected armed robber who was acquitted and discharged by a Takoradi Circuit court has succeeded in killing three of six persons he threatened to eliminate.

Twenty-two-year old Fulani, Mohammed Umaru Baami had accused the six of contributing to his arrest.

After the murder of the three, fear has gripped the remaining three and their families.

Joy News’ Manasseh Azure Awuni who has been to the Eastern Region where the incidents happened and reports that attempts to get the robber rearrested are becoming difficult because no one is willing to cooperate with the police.

At a secret location at a village near Nkwakaw, Manasseh met ten worried men – six Fulani men and four Ghanaians – mainly cattle rearers who have gathered over the release of Baami in August last year and the subsequent cold blood murders.

ACP James Azuma Abass Abaah Eastern Regional Deputy Police Commander told Joy News Baami was arrested last year after a highway robbery and taken to court but the judge, Ebenzer Osei-Darko, threw out the case in a controversial ruling.

ACP Abass Abaah said since his acquittal, Baami has been linked to several robberies and murder cases in the region.

He said the alleged armed robber has been elusive because of lack of cooperation from the public.

But the men who have been threatened say the reason no one is cooperating is because they do not trust the police.

They claim the police and judiciary have been compromised because Baami comes from a rich and influential family.

Apart from the three people he allegedly killed, Baami’s fourth victim who was stabbed several times in the stomach is still in the hospital.

Aside from the six persons Baami directly threatened, members of his gang have also threatened others.

One Fulani man has been asked to deposit 25,000 cedis in an MTN mobile money failing which he will be killed.

For now no one knows how and when Baami and his gang will be captured. But what is known is that his threats are real. For those who have been threatened by his gang, each day is lived in fear. They fear that they can be killed at any time. They say they cannot trust the police in Nkawkaw to protect their identities when they give information about Baami and his gang and they certainly cannot trust the police to protect their lives.

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