Ijaw Youths Express Regret That Niger Delta Did Not Support Igbos During Biafra War


Ijaw Youths have begged the Igbo people for forgiveness over the role their parents played against the Igbos in the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War of 1967/70.

The youths noted that if the level of awareness and information technology available today were in the country then, the Ijaw would have supported the Biafra’s cause.

President of Ijaw Youth Council, Comrade Udengs Eradiri, who spoke at the Ohanaeze Youth Council’s (OYC’s) submit, held in Owerri, the Imo State capital, said the Niger Delta erred for not supporting the Biafra’s cause.

“If we had the type of awareness and information technology we have today, then, we would have stood firmly with Biafra to win the war, but we are working hard to resolve the issue,” he stated.

However, Eradiri expressed happiness that despite their role in the civil war, “Ndigbo voted overwhelmingly for their son, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, in 2011 and since then the zone has been supporting his administration.” He said that Ijaw youths were pleased with their show of love and solidarity, and pledged that Niger Delta youths would support Ndigbo “when it is their turn to produce the next president of the country.”