Girl Encourages Friend To Commit Suicide To Raise Money For Mental Health Awareness


A teenager has been arrested and charged in the death of her friend. The 18-year-old student is accused of encouraging her friend to commit suicide, and then raised money to help treat mental illness in the name of the deceased Scoop has more:

Michelle Carter of Plainville, Massachusetts, was charged with manslaughter for allegedly urging her friend to commit suicide. 18-year-old Roy Conrad was found dead in his car of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Kmart parking lot. Charges against Carter were filed this month, after a lengthy investigation revealed that she sent several text messages to her friend before his death.

According to police, Conrad told Carter that he was scared and did not want to leave her family. Rather than contacting the police, Carter encouraged him to take his own life. Fairhaven Police Detective Scott Gordon said that Carter continued to encourage him to take his own life until he did so.

When he actually started to carry out the act, he got scared and exited his truck, but instead of telling him to stay out of the truck, Carter told him to “get back into the idling vehicle,” which he did and he died, Gordon said.  Carter later organized a softball tournament to support mental health awareness.

Carter’s attorney said that his client did not commit any crime and hopes that the charges will be dropped. Carter was released from prison after posting $2,500 bail.