Who is Kadi Rhyme?

Entertainment of Saturday, 28 February 2015

Source: Daily Guide

Kadi Rythem

Over the recent years, Tema has been producing quite a lot of talent-turned-superstars like Sarkodie, R2BEES, D Cryme, and Stay Jay. There’s a new kid on the block, coming straight out of Tema, who seems to be the next big thing. Kadi Ryhme is the truth, as his music is unique, and this incredibly talented guy is certainly on the rise. His love for music has given him the legitimacy to able to deliver music of any genre. Kadi aims to become a household name, and judging from the rate at which he’s climbing up the proverbial ladder to success, it won’t be long before he blows up. I caught up with him to find out more.

How would you describe your kind of music?

Kadi: I do predominantly reggae/lover’s rock fused with a little Afro-pop, highlife and hiplife. Reggae is my passion. It’s what I was born to do.

How did you begin your career in music?

Kadi: I started taking it seriously in 2003 when I realised my talent. At the time, my friends and I would just sing and beat drums on the table. I soon started rapping as well. Then I did my first demo. The first one wasn’t so good, but I went and did another which sounded much better. I knew at that point that I wanted to be a recording artiste.

What are some of the problems you’ve faced as an upcoming artiste?

Kadi: It was very hard to even get a studio at some point. Even when you had the money to pay for a session, finding a studio was a big issue. We started with a popular studio in Tema run by Killbeatz. Every artiste wanted to go and work with him, so it was very difficult to track him down. Another issue was getting a producer to handle your career. You had to handle it on your own and manage your own career. Life as an upcoming artiste can be very difficult in any country, more so in a country like Ghana, where there are no structures put in place to help the upcoming act, or even give him a platform to shine, and showcase his talent.

You are one of the many acts to come out of Tema. Why this sudden rise of Tema talent?

Kadi: Tema is all about the music. Many people in Tema do music. People in Tema encourage each other to follow their dreams. My mom has been very supportive of my career. She would pay for my studio sessions and stuff. In Tema, we push and support each other. We’re almost like a big family.

How did your mom’s support affect your career?

Kadi: It’s been a blessing. Having your parents back your career choices gives you the courage you need to do what needs to be done. Shooting for your dreams is not easy, so having her support was fueling my drive. I know I need to make her proud, so that’s the ultimate motivation. She loves my music and keeps giving me advice. I remember when I went to Kumasi a while back to record. I recorded a song there and let her hear it. She didn’t like it because it wasn’t ‘highlife enough’. She sent me money to redo the track in the studio. Then she was like “yeah, that’s what I’m talking about”. People loved that track. She knows her music and her guidance is truly a blessing.

Where does your kind of music fit in the current wave of Ghanaian music?

Kadi: I don’t follow trends. Music is about expressing yourself. It’s from your heart and soul. If I feel like doing highlife, that’s what I’ll do. I have even been compared to Kojo Antwi. That was a huge compliment. I will continue to do music that I want to do, and not because of what’s in fashion.

You did a collaboration with Sarkodie. What was that like?

Kadi: It was fantastic. I gave him a copy of my first release, and he loved it. I was in the studio working a night session, and I got a call from my mom that Sarkodie was at my house at 6:00am looking for me. He said he wanted to work with me. So we hit the studio. The song gave me a lot of recognition. I asked him to feature on one of my tracks. He’s a legend, so it’s a huge honour to have worked with him. I also had the pleasure to have worked with Castro. Now that’s a true artiste in every sense of the word. Awesome talent.

What are you working on currently?

Kadi: I just finished my new single with a Nigerian-based UK producer, OY Production. He’s a huge talent. I’m really proud of this work and I can’t wait to drop it. This year is going to be all about that single. I love the fact that I’m in a place where I can do music I feel like doing. For too long people have been telling me what kind of music they think I should do. Now I’m ready to do me. I also have a collaboration with Fyastar, a huge Jamaican artiste. That’s also going to drop soon.

A message to your fans?

Kadi: So much GOOD music on its way. Thanks for the support. Reggae music lives forever.