Parents Lock Up Daughter For 6 Years Because They Hated Her Boyfriend


A couple is currently facing charges of kidnapping after they locked up their adult daughter for 6 years because they didn’t like her boyfriend, police in China said. Worldwide odd news has more:

The cruel parents locked up their daughter, 24-year-old Zhang Qi, after they forced her to dump her boyfriend.

Even though she told her parents that her relationship had ended. Qi tried several times to escape before they told everyone that she was mentally ill and confined in their own property in Jingang, Hubei, for her own protection.

Neighbors who knew about the locked up woman failed to call the police out of fear of the parents. The incident came to light after one resident moved away from the area and decided to call the police.

The resident last saw the woman laying on a pile of straw with a couple of blankets and some food around. He told police that the parents were treating their daughter like an animal.

He also uploaded photos of the woman on the Internet. Police raided the home and rescued Qi. So far, no charges have been filed against the parents.