I’m disappointed – Ayariga laments

Sports News of Saturday, 28 February 2015

Source: sportscrusader.com

Mahama Ayariga Minister Info

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mahama Ayariga has expressed shock and disappointment at the way and manner reports were circulated in the media about his purchase of a Division One Club in Tamale.

According to the former Minister of Information, he bought the club in order to help the youth in his constituency and also provide some jobs for some people, but he was greatly taken aback at the negative comments made about his new adventure.

He added that the idea of managing a team never occurred to him until the AFCON tournament in Equatorial Guinea when he was approached by some FA officials to get a team in his constituency which he saw as a very productive venture.

However, the minister says he was hugely disappointed when he heard media reports that he has connived with FA officials to buy a lower division club so that they will help him get promotion into the premier league.

“I expected people to applaud me for taking such a step. After all, I can entertain the people of my constituency every weekend with a game and the youth can also practice their trade, especially the footballers. So when I heard the comments, I was disappointed”, Ayariga said.