Humado’s alleged indictment in GYEEDA saga: The other side of the story

General News of Friday, 27 February 2015

Source: The informer

Clement Kofi Humado

Contrary to media reports which seem to suggest that some monies- about Ghc4.2 million- paid the Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI) and Goodwill International Group (GIG) under the Ghana Youth and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA)- now National Youth Employment Program (NYEP), were authorized of the then sector Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Clement Kofi Humado, The Informer, however, has the other side of the story to tell.

Devoid of making judgments whatsoever, regarding reports earlier made, in-depth investigations conducted and backed by very credible documents in the possession of this paper, and per the findings of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO), reveal that a request for payment to MDPI submitted by the then National Coordinator of NYEP, Mr. Abuga Pele, to the Ministry under reference was specific.

Unlike suggestions in earlier reports, documents available to The Informer revealed that Kofi Humado’s approval of the request for some payments submitted by Mr. Abuga Pele and the administrative instruction by then Chief Director of the Ministry, was in reference to MDPI and not GIG.

“NC/NYEP…..See M4 and process for payment as advance to the MDPI. The amount of US$ 522,882.05 involved should be refunded on release of the World Bank facility to the programme, dated 06/05/2011”, was the instruction issued by the then Chief Director of the Ministry; Abdulai Yakubu.

As to why the above directive from Mr. Abdulai Yakubu was not followed, the EOCO, investigating the entire GYEEDA programme found out that a joint account of MDPI and GIG were opened at with banks operating in the Accra Metropolis.

The Informer is aware that, Mr. Clement Kofi Humado, testifying before an Accra Finance and Tax High Court last year, made some revelations to help the GYEEDA trial.

As the paper, and with no prejudice, this is our side of the story per findings and documents in our possession.

For the avoidance of doubt, we made available the said administrative instruction by Mr. Abdulai Yakubu to the offices concerned in the processing of the request in reference to MDPI and not GIG for your comments: