Ghanaian Gospel musician recounts his near fatal train accident

Entertainment of Friday, 27 February 2015


Joe Beecham2

Pastor Joe Beecham last wednesday on eTV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show talked about his March 4th launch of his Ministries and also detailed his near-fatal train accident.

The singer recounted;

“I went to Takoradi some years back to minister and you know there are a couple of railways there because of the port. So I was just crossing one of them, the person who was supposed to control the traffic was doing his own thing. So as my car was in the middle of the train tracks, I felt something was approaching towards us; there was a car in front of me who saw the train approaching so quickly sped off. I didn’t see it, so another person was signaling me to move, the more I tried to reverse back out of the tracks, my hand and feet froze and it felt like someone was scratching my palms and under my feet.

“The train hit the car and the four tires came off and I was sitting right on the metals. We were four in the car, two ladies in the back and a guy and me in the front. The two ladies in the back tried to open the door and escape. But I ordered them to sit down and the guy who was sitting by me in the front was calm. We were pushed by 400 to 500 meters and suddenly the train stopped. You should have seen the car but none of us was injured. There was a similar accident days back and this involved an articulator truck but the driver died but we sitting in an Audi 80 and were fine.

“When we were being dragged away; people were running after us and saying the train wouldn’t stop. But something told me it would be over. And I was hopeful and the train stopped.