That’s My Our Heritage Won for us. Which heritage?

I have been doing some serious thinking and as Independence Day approaches, a patriotic phrase comes to mind…. Apparently, the blood and toil of our fathers won for us our Heritage.

Did they waste their toil and blood?  If not, then which heritage did they win for us? Because whatever it is, 6th March is a good day to display and exhibit it.

But where are the King’s 7 wise men? And indeed who are they and what are they telling the King? “Let’s erase our history and replace our forefathers and forge ahead into civilisation?”

On behalf of all Ghanaians i am calling for something BIG. Some people may mock me, maybe i will not be taken seriously, but I stand firm by my conviction….. 

What am I calling for on our behalf? Well you may agree or disagree but let’s meet at 2:05pm on Joy 99.7fm or at for That’s My Opinion With Nana Ansah Kwao IV

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