Energy crisis is due to poor maintenance culture – Energy policy analyst

Energy policy analyst John Peter Amewu has expressed concern about the country’s poor maintenance culture, which he said has resulted in the breaking down of two power generating plants at TICO and TACO.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News TV, John Amewu tasked government to immediately make funds available to fix the two broken down plants which could be helpful in addressing the current energy short falls.

“We have not had any energy planning system to know at what point in time a particular plant will be out of order or service to enable us call on other plants, we also run our plants recklessly.

“Unfortunately, on top of it, government’s lack of funding for the agencies is also contributing to where we are today.”

The researcher also argued that the creation of the power ministry out of the Energy Ministry was an admission that the sector minister, Mr Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, failed in his duties and should have been fired.

Reports from authorities of the Ghana National Gas Company indicate that the two broken down power generating plants — TICO and TACO — are frustrating their efforts to supply the country with an estimated 650 megawatts of power, which could go a long way in solving the power crisis.

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