Arrest ‘Twerking’ UCC Girl- Socrates

Popular Ghanaian movie producer Socrate Safo has added his voice to the growing calls for the immediate arrest of Nana Abena Korkor Addo, the University of Cape Coast (UCC) student who recently confessed she published a couple of sexually explicit videos of herself on her social media pages for public consumption.

According to the movie maker, the laws of Ghana are very clear on the publication of pornographic or sexually explicit content and he sees no reason the law enforcement agents are closing one eye on the conduct of the UCC student though it has become a public issue, with her videos now gone viral.

‘According to classification regulations under the criminal code on publication of film or video, you can’t do pornography where you have explicit nudity. When you publish it, it’s criminal. So under the law, what the lady has done is criminal. It is different if her phone was stolen or missing; or if she recorded it for her private use, she is safe but for her to come out and say that she published the videos herself, I think she should be arrested,’ Mr Safo argued on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review last Saturday.

The movie maker complained that when Ghanaian film makers produce movies that have some sexually suggestive contents, the law enforcement agents give them a hard time and even sometimes threaten to prosecute the producers.

He said it therefore amounts to open bias or discrimination on the part of the law enforcement agencies to allow Nana Abena Korkor Addo’s conduct pass without making her face the law.

‘If I should tell you what I went through based on a film that I shot when the same law was used against me…and I am just sitting here today with a similar or even more serious incident…I can’t believe this lady is walking freely after she came out to state categorically that she released the videos herself,’ Mr Safo added.

He continued the complaint on his facebook wall: ‘Some few years ago, I produced an investigative drama piece on video. It was to educate the world about the negative effects of temper.

I was criminalised because I have given it a thought provoking title. …few people in Ghana took time to read to understand but rather judged it to be a sin because it sounded profane in their ears. They know the deference between God and god but not fork and fuck.

‘I was invited and nearly arrested for exhibiting and publishing nudity in public. A crime under the public order act. Though the classification board has classified the movie for adults only under the classification law, I was left off the hook under the condition that I reedit the movie and drop the title.

Today, a certain ‘Kokor’, a student of UCC has come out and publicly claim that she published her nude pictures and video. And it is gone viral. We all feeding our eyes and admiring her figure and dance moves. I wait to see what the law enforcers will make out of it. If she is ignored then I’m taking the camera again to shoot my next movie. This time the title is “ABENE” don’t ask me why but it is not a cartoon for kids. Either we are all above the law or under the law.

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