Monetization of Ghana’s politics is the cause of corruption- Adjaho

The Speaker of Parliament Edward Doe Adjaho has bemoaned what he describes as the excessive monetization of the country’s politics.

Addressing a Parliamentary press corps Wednesday, the Speaker said the reality of Ghana’s politics is that if politicians fail to pay, they fail to win.

Contrary to assertions that the quality of MPs has reduced on the floor and may hamper Parliamentary business, Mr Adjaho said there are still competent MPs but the influence of money may well undermine the country’s democracy.

A veteran in the country’s Parliament, Doe Adjaho said in the first eight to twelve years of Parliamentary business, emphasis was more on a person’s ability to deliver but the situation has changed dramatically.

Presently there is more emphasis on how much money one can give to be retained or to win elections.

Even when one has been elected as an MP, the Speaker said the pressure on MPs from their constituents is unbearable.

According to him, the mantra now for voters is that “if you don’t pay, we won’t vote for you.”

He said an MP can be all efficient and vocal on the floor but if he goes to the constituency and does not pay money, the constituents will say you will be a “one time MP.”

Doe Adjaho said the monetization of the politics is the reason for the increasing challenges and corruption facing the country.

“We have monetized our politics. All of us. If we don’t pay they won’t vote for you. That is the fact,” he confessed.

Mr Adjaho worried about the future of the country if qualified leaders are not permitted to continue their good work, adding that “My worry is that as a democrat, as somebody that devoted my youthful years to this process….. where are we going as a country?” 

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