GTA inaugurates levy monitoring team

Business News of Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Source: Daily Guide


The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has held a sensitization and training workshop for a monitoring team that will ensure the collection and remittance of the one percent tourism levy from various tourism establishments in the country.

The workshop focused on equipping the enforcement team up on the various challenges.

They are to vigorously embark on field visits to all certified tourism enterprises to ascertain the collection and remittance of the levy and therefore limit the occurrence of non-payment

A few days back, management of the TDF undertook an intensive monitoring exercise at selected tourism enterprises to obtain first-hand information on the payment of the levy.

All tourism establishments are required to register and ensure that the one percent tourism levy is paid into designated banks approved by the authority to enhance the tourism industry.

The authority said the team will commence the operation on 23rd February to monitor, educate various entities on the calculation of the levy, as well as ensure accountability on the part of tourism operators.

According to GTA, marketing, promotion of tourism, capacity-building, improvement of tourism infrastructure, tourism export trade-oriented activities of institutions, as well as tourism education and training are the key objectives of the fund.

In his remark, administrator of the Tourism Development Fund, Abraham Tetteh said, “We are taking the initiative to go to these entities, assess them and ensure that the right things are done and we will not hesitate to implement sanctions prescribed by the law if anyone contravenes the regulations.”

Briefing the media, Akunu Dake, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ghana Tourism Authority said, “This fund is the most transparent fund in the country, because we think that people should own it, and if they own it, only then can they drive it,” he said.