Ghana is a “failing” state – CPP

General News of Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Ekow Duncan CPP

The Chairman of Political Affairs for the Convention People’s Party, Ekow Duncan has described Ghana as a “failing” state.

This, according to him, is due to the fact that the various state of the nation addresses since time immemorial have failed to give accounts of the true state of the Ghanaian economy.

His comments come ahead of tomorrow’s State of the Nation address to be delivered by President John Mahama in Parliament.

The President will be expected to elaborate on the measures his government is exploring in dealing with the energy crisis that has hit the nation over the last few years and the fiscal condition of the economy.

Thursday’s address will be the 3rd to be delivered by Mahama since he assumed office in 2012.

In a panel discussion ahead of the address, Duncan told Morning Starr Wednesday that Ghana appears to be heading nowhere with its economic and social growth.

“When this country won its independence, our goals and missions were clearly defined by the CPP.

“And it is on the basis upon which we as a people were united. Now what is it that the President is coming to tell us? That we are really prepared and on course for the achievement of the mission of the nation in history; I see none. There is no big picture and it is a failing state in that respect,” he bemoaned.

He continued: “It seems to me that that there is a disconnect between what history passed on to us and what we are doing now”.