Chris Brown Denied Entry Into Canada Because Of Drake?!?


This is interesting!! Apparently, the superstar R&B singer, Chris brown was denied entry into Canada.

Chris Brown broke the news to his fans on Twitter that he had to cancel tour dates in Canada because he has been denied entry into the country.

He tweeted this: –

“Unfortunately I will not be able to perform in front of sold out crowds in Montreal & Toronto,” Breezy wrote in the tweeted-then-deleted posts. “The good people of the Canadian government wouldn’t allow me entry. I’ll be back this summer and will hopefully see all my Canadian fans!”

He also took to social media alleging he was denied entry because he insulted one of Canada’s biggest musical talents, Drake.

In case you missed it, he dissed both Drake and Rihanna during an interview with the breakfast club saying Rihanna can’t date anyone better.

I feel in any situation when you look at yourself in a certain light, cocky or not… I think there’s nowhere else to go,Even with ol’ girl, [Rihanna] who else you gon’ go to? he asked before host Angela Yee said” with “Leonardo DiCaprio,

That’s nice, that’s a good choice, but who else in this game she gon’ go to? Some corny singing rapper?”(referring to Drake)