Causes of Labour unrest in Ghana – Mr C.K.Adum-Nti Achamfour(Ashanti Regional GNAT secretary)

Kumasi(Ash) Feb.23—-Mr Charles Kofi Adum-Nti Achamfour,Ashanti Regional Ghana Association of Teachers (GNAT) Secretary has stated that demotivational Teachers are like Ebola and Cholera virus which if not properly addressed can seriously affect students academic performance.

Mr Adum-Nti Achamfour made this observation when he addressed Retired Professional Teachers Association(REPTA) in Ashanti region on “Causes of labour unrest in Ghana “at the Teachers Hall in Kumasi last Sunday.

He said one of the main objectives of workers associations in the world is to seek better condition of service for their members, but when employers try to use various tactics to thwart their efforts,then the only option left for them is to resort to labour unrest.

He mentioned a number of grievances of teachers in the public sector in Ghana which their employer,the Ghana Education Service (GES) and for that matter the government is not making any effort to address.

These include unnecessary transfers of teachers,non- payment of legitimate entitlements like transfer grant,increamental credits, non-payment of salaries of newly posted trained teachers, lack of basic Teaching Learning Materials(TLMs)like chalk and fuel for Circuit Supervisors to go round to monitor teaching and learning in schools.

The secretary expressed concerned on the government handling on the National Pension Act 2008 (ACT 766) especially the Occupational Pension Scheme which is the Second Tier.

He said under the Second -Tier Pension, the employee is paid a lump sum money on termination of service,death or retirement and allows workers to use future lump- sum pension benefits as collateral to have their own houses before retirement.

He said the scheme which took off in 2010 ought to have become operational in February 2015 but the government nicodemusly went to Parliament House under certificate of Emergency to amend the Act and now instead of February 2015, the Scheme ought to become operational, it has been postponed to 2020 describing the situation as most unfortunate

He said high mortality of retirees is due to where to stay after retirement and ill-health and to address the problem, the GNAT has put in place House Ownership Scheme to assist its members to have their own houses before retirement.

And for good health, members and their dependants now have access to free Cancer treatment under the Swedish—Ghana Cancer Foundation.

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