NPP launches campaign to oust Haruna Iddrisu from Parliament

Politics of Sunday, 22 February 2015


Haruna Iddrisu Mic

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth in the Tamale South constituency have launched early campaigns to oust the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu.

The campaign, christened, “Operation drop Haruna Iddrisu in 2016,” aims at discrediting the Tamale South MP as means of unseating him in 2016.

Addressing a large gathering at the official launch at the Kukuo market, the NPP Northern Regional Women’s Organizer, Hajia Amama Sayibu called for an end to Abudu and Andani politics in Dagbon.

She claimed the Tamale South MP, Haruna Iddrisu would not have been in Parliament but for the Abudu and Andani politics which the NDC used as a major campaign tool in 2004.

“We should tell them, they were voting according to Abudu and Andani and I am telling you this time is a thing of the past, so let’s get up and work very hard to take this seat from the NDC and Insha Allah we are going to do it.”

Hajia Amama challenged NPP youth in the Tamale South constituency to embark on door to door campaigns.

“Haruna is not bringing any development to this constituency and why are we still voting for him when we have competent people who can do the work better than him: this is the time, in fact if we are able to take this seat from the NDC, I am telling you the whole world will recognize Tamale South.” She further accused Haruna Iddrisu of vote buying during elections.

“Looking at things Haruna is not doing anything: he only comes to buy some few items for them, tell them lies and at the end of the day they go and vote for him.”

The outspoken NPP Northern Regional Chairman, Daniel Bugri Naabu anticipated that the NPP will win the 2016 elections at all cost.

According to him, the 2012 landmark election petitioned exposed the NDC’s “rigging” machinery and warned that such history will not repeat itself in 20016.

“NDC have never won any elections, they always steal the elections: 2008 and 20012 they stole and when we went to the court evidence was there but they said elections are won at the polling stations.”

“So let us make sure that our boxes are protected well so that at the end of the day the elections will be declared at the polling stations,” Naabu remarked.

He commended the Tamale South NPP executives for launching the early campaigns and urged other party executives in the region to follow suit. Daniel Bugri Naabu disclosed the party’s intention to mount check points at all the entry points to Ghana before and during the 2016 general elections.

“We are aware very well that the NDC have been around the border areas: Tatale, Sankansi and Mognori to recruit some foreigners to come and vote on the Election Day.”

He called the bluff of the NDC who are asking the NPP for solutions to fix the nation’s ailing economy and the power crisis.

The NPP regional Secretary, Sule Salifu said the party had solid records in terms of development projects executed in the Tamale South constituency.

He mentioned the construction of the Bilpela road, the Tamale Girls Senior High School, the Tamale Water expansion project and the Kukuo drainage system as some of the numerous projects executed by the NPP former MP for Tamale South, the late Alhaji Mustapha Ali Iddris.

He accused government of collapsing the National Health Insurance Scheme and posited that the NHIS diagnostic card had been rendered useless.

Sule Salifu claimed the Tamale Teaching Hospital Theater was malfunctioning for close to three weeks due to broken air conditioners and lack of oxygen.

A Deputy national youth Organizer of the NPP, Salam Mustapha said the NDC had nothing new to offer Ghanaians for which reason they should be rejected in 2016.

He cautioned NPP supporters against skirt and blouse voting and asked them to massively vote for Nana Akufo Ado and all the party’s Parliamentary candidates.

He emphasized that the NPP’s victory rested on the shoulders of women and the youth who formed majority of the electorates.

Salam Mustapha promised that the necessary resources will be made available to wrestle the Tamale South Parliamentary seat from the NDC in 2016.

He however advised the youth to avoid complacency and reject offers from the Tamale South Legislator, Haruna Iddrisu.

A Deputy national Organizer of the NPP, Nuhu Mahama stressed the need to police the ballot boxes on the elections day to avoid rigging.

He said the Electoral Commission could not be trusted in conducting free, fair and transparent elections.

“I don’t trust the Electoral Commission: since I don’t trust the Electoral Commission we need to work extra hard to make sure that we win massively to prevent anybody from manipulating anything.”

Nuhu Mahama cast doubt about the old voters register and called for its audit.

“I also want to use this opportunity to call on the Electoral Commission to do an audit of the electoral register because when we went to the Supreme Court we were told that more than four hundred thousand people were registered outside this country and when the Electoral Commission were ask to submit the list of people registered outside the country they could not produce it.”

He insisted, “The future of this country depends on the elections of 2016: if the Electoral Commission refuse to do the right thing probably all of us will not be here to be talking after the elections.”

He challenged government to stop propaganda and fix the energy crisis to save the nation’s industries from total collapse.

Some defectors from the governing NDC in the Tamale South constituency were outdoored at the rally.