Kwabena Yeboah wants Ayariga to smoke peace pipe with sports media

Sports News of Sunday, 22 February 2015


Mahama Ayariga Info Min

Veteran sports journalist Kwabena Yeboah has urged Sports Minister Hon. Mahama Ayariga to consider smoking the peace pipe with the sports media since he would require the support of journalists until his removal from office.

Earlier this month, Ayariga told Adom FM’s Captain Smart that he was asking “useless questions” when the Morning show host demanded the budget and the breakdown of the senior national team’s expenditure in Equatorial Guinea.

The Politician later refused to apologize for his statement during another media interview on Montie FM on February 14th, and rather issued a defence that journalists are not fit to question him on the budget because they are not auditors.

“He needs an opportunity to really bond with the media because whether he likes it or not, the media is a segment you cannot ignore. It is a segment you will continue to need. So, once you will need them, I don’t think it is smart to get on the wrong side of the media to the extent of telling them, the question they are asking is useless,” Kwabena Yeboah told Joy FM.

“As much as I believe that some journalists can be very provocative and deliberately tend to be mischievous, I do not think that in this particular instance of demanding how monies of the state were spent on the national team was misguided or did not make sense or were useless,” he opined.