Feuding groups in East Mamprusi perform animal blood ritual to end conflict

An animal blood ritual has been performed in the East Mamprusi District of the Northern Region to resolve clashes over a piece of land that claimed three lives there.

This is to enable the two feuding factions; Bogni and Bonbilla to re-unite.

The animal blood ritual was agreed on by the two feuding factions at a mediation meeting by the Nayiri Na-Bohagu Abdulai Mahami sheriga and the East Mamprusi District Security Council in which the chiefs and people of the two communities were in attendance.

The ritual was performed in the middle of the two communities after the chiefs of the two feuding ethnic groups had visited the scene where the three people died during the conflict. 

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Remnants of the deceased persons left at the scene were gathered and taken to the middle of the two communities, where the chief priest representing the Nayiri dug a big hole and slaughtered a ram, goat and three fowls to beg for forgiveness from the gods of the area in line with customs and tradition of the Mamprugu Kingdom.

 The blood of the animals and the birds together with the remnant of the deceased were then ceremoniously buried.

After the ceremony the meat of the animals were roasted for consumption by all the chiefs. 

Spokesperson of the spiritual chief Achiri Binabi told Joy News that the ritual sacrifice performed is to signify an end to the conflict.

“The importance of the blood burial is to bury those who died in the conflict. Their blood still on the ground is also to plead to the gods for forgiveness, once that is done there can never be conflict again and happiness and prosperity will return to the two communities” he said.

East Mamprusi District Chief Executive Adam Imoro expressed contentment about the ceremony.

“This a significant day for the District and the Mamprugu Kingdom as well as the Region. We are sure, praying and hoping that this conflict that happen between the two communities never happens again especially in Bogni and Bonbilla.’

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