4 Things Every Guy Wants In Bed

You might think that time you sneaked a peak at some P0*n might have been an education on what guys want, but you would be wrong.


Here are some things real guys want when Cosmopolitan asked around.

1. More blowjobs

That should be pretty obvious.

2. Talk dirty to me

Turns out your guy probably won’t judge you if you say filthy things to him in bed. One reader said he rises to the occasion like a teenage boy when his girlfriend whispers dirty instructions to him.

3. They like it when you moan (in bed)

Unlike everywhere else, moaning in bed is a great way to t urn a guy on.

4. Get on top

One reader said that while the s*x doesn’t feel as good for guys when the woman is on t op, watching her control her movements and seeing her whole body in action more than makes up for it.