Man Distributes unclad Photos Girlfriend To Men In Public Car Park Because She Dumped Him


A man who was very upset that his girlfriend dumped him, decided to distribute her unclad photos to strangers in a public parking lot, police in Japan said. Ream more from Scoop:

Fukushima Police said that they arrested 33-year-old Shinya Miyata, after being accused of distributing unclad images of his girlfriend as an act of revenge.

According to the police investigation, Miyata is alleged to have given away 50 photos of his unclad girlfriend at a shopping mall parking lot in Koriyama.

Miyata, who took the pictures while he was dating the woman, has admitted to the allegations.

The release of unclad photos or videos of a former friend or spouse is illegal. In convicted, Miyata faces up to three years in prison and a fine of 500,000 yen ($4,220).