You can’t usurp Mosquito’s powers – Koku tells Kofi Adams

Politics of Friday, 20 February 2015

Source: Graphic Online

Koku Anyidoho Ndc

A Deputy General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Koku Anyidoho, has dropped hints of continued strained relations between General Secretary of the party, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah and National Organiser, Kofi Adams.

According to Koku Anyidoho, Kofi Adams tried to “usurp the powers” of the General Secretary with the press conference he organised last Wednesday to respond to the NPP’s ‘Wongbo’ demonstration that sought to convey the frustrations of the public on the national energy crisis.

In an interview on Oman FM’s Boiling Point programme on Thursday night, Mr Anyihodo descended on Kofi Adams and accused him of by-passing party structures.

By Mr Anyidoho’s understanding of the NDC’s constitution, the General Secretary runs the secretariat of the party with his deputies and in his absence, the national treasurer and his deputies come even before the National Organiser.

He, therefore, does not understand why the National Organiser would by-pass these structures and organise a press conference without their knowledge.

He questioned why Kofi Adams organised the press conference to pour scorn on the ‘Wongbo’ demonstration whilst President Mahama in far away Gambia acknowledged that it was a wake-up call to end dumsor and that it was even an encouragement for him to do more.

According to Mr Anyidoho, if the NDC were in opposition, it would have demonstrated on the streets over dumsor.

“Let us not abuse the communication channel. When you begin to abuse the communication tool of press conference, nobody takes you serious.”

The rift between Mr Adams and Mr Asiedu Nketiah who responds to the nickname General Mosquito dates back to 2011 over Mr Adams’ alleged support for former first Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings’ decision to challenge the late President Mills as flagbearer.

Prior to the NDC’s national executive elections in December last year, the frosty relations between the two gentlemen reared its head and after the elections, the assumption was that the two gentlemen had settled their differences and were to work together for the forward movement of the ruling party.

But according to Mr Anyidoho, Mr Adams had started on a certain tangent that sought to portray that once he had the mandate of the party members, he can rule in his own world.

“We are assuring party supporters that the party’s constitution would work. General [Asiedu Nketiah] would make sure that things are done properly,” he said.

“I just want to hope that nobody would turn into a grasshopper and behave as if he had secured his position and do whatever he wants.”

He said nobody forced him [Kofi Adams] to contest as National Organiser of the party and that it was out of choice knowing very well the constitution of the party and therefore asked him to allow the General Secretary to do his work and should not usurp his powers.

“That one would not be allowed because discipline is key in every organisation. Not only political organisations, but every organisation that would succeed, discipline is key.”

“It is wrong and unacceptable for people to attempt to usurp the powers of other people. It is not acceptable in any political organisation.”

The Deputy General Secretary said there were structures in place, and there was the need for all to respect those structures. “I hate indiscipline, and that is what is happening,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr George Lawson, another Deputy General Secretary, who was present at the press conference has said the National Chairman of the NDC, Mr Kofi Portuphy sanctioned the press conference.

He told Adom FM on Friday morning that he was in Kumasi when he had the invitation to attend the press conference and added that he was even in a meeting with the party’s chairman some hours before the press conference.

Also present at the said press conference was the Deputy Communications Officer of the NDC, Mr Fred Agbenyo, who read the party’s press statement.