TIGO blames ‘Dumsor’ for recent spate of device thefts at its cell sites

Mobile operator, TIGO is expressing concern over the recent spate of thefts of inverter batteries at its cell sites, claiming it is unduly affecting its operations. 

The company is blaming this on the current power crisis in the country, popularly referred to as “Dumsor”.

TIGO says some unscrupulous persons are stealing the inverter batteries at an alarming rate which is also resulting in huge unplanned costs.

An inverter is a battery-powered electronic device used as an alternate source of power for especially domestic use. According to the firm, the power crisis has created a high demand for the telecom batteries as they are the very same ones used to power inverters.

The Chief Operating Officer TIGO, Obafemin Banigbe who explained this to JOYBUSINESS, noted they have had to tighten security at their sites to avert further losses.

“When ECG power fails, we have generators as back up. When the generators also fail, then we use batteries to run the site but the batteries on site are now stolen because of people who have found a market for inverters.

“Lack of power from the ECG has created an underground market where people sell the invertors using telecom batteries.  We keep losing batteries; we keep losing fuel and our operational costs keep rising” he lamented.

Meanwhile, the power crisis although crippling many businesses, is also creating a business boom for genuine dealers of inverters, generator sets as well as solar panels which are all used especially in various homes as alternate means of power generation.

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