Organisers apologise for F14 Concert flop

Entertainment of Friday, 20 February 2015

Source: Hitz FM

Amakye Dede Nana Quame F14

Organizers of this year’s F14 Concert have apologised for flop of the programme which was supposed to be a special Valentine’s Day getaway for patrons.

Operations Director of ABBA Investment, Gideon Kwamla Oyidzo known in showbiz as Jingles, says he takes full responsibility for the mishap and asked patrons to bear with the organisers.

Jingles said, “The last few hours of every event counts and I was handling the very sensitive part, dealing with the artists for the day but unfortunately because of my accident, I could only work through people”.

The Concert which was to be headlined by Amakye Dede and the High Kings Band, was to provide a unique platform to celebrate love. But this did not happen as the Amakye Dede and the rest of the artistes billed for the show failed to turn up.

He said although the accident was quite serious, he managed to escape unharmed and managed to get to the Conference Centre later that night.

“I had injuries and I’m in bandage but miraculously, I managed to get to the conference center that night and this is my first time having such a problem and I think my situation really affected the artistes showing up.

“Even though the others did not believe my story, what has happen has happened but when it comes to events people have good event and bad ones, we have had a bad event by all standards. We are not proud of it but what we can say is that we can bounce back and prove to everyone that it can be done much better,” he continued.

He asked patrons to hold on to their tickets adding that organisers will do what they can in the future for them to use that ticket to attend the event.

Contrary to reports that there were only 40 people in the auditorium, Jingle said he has pictures to show that the programme was well patronised and that “people left there happy”.