Obuoba J.A Adofo runs from ‘Owuo Mpaso’ lyrics

Entertainment of Friday, 20 February 2015

Source: adomonline.com


Legendary highlife musician, Obuoba J.A Adofo is now running away from lyrics of his all-popular funeral dirge, ‘Owuo Mpaso’.

The City Boys Band Leader states in his song that he would as part of proving his love for his mother strike his head against the bed on which the mortal remains of his mother would be laid in state when she dies.

The aim of such an action, he sings, is to die and be buried simultaneously with his departing mother.

This, he says would be as a result of the fact that he can’t afford to live in this world after his mother departs.

The biological mother of the ‘Kwahu Bob Marley’ as he is known in the music world departed this world to eternity on 23rd October, 2014 at the St Joseph Hospital at Nkawkaw.

However, with the opportunity to act out what he professed in his music beckoning this Saturday when he lays his mother to rest, Obuoba is refusing to act out the famous line in his ‘Owuo Mpaso’ music.

His refusal, he told Adom News’ Nana Osei Ampofo Agyei in an interview, stems from several appeals from relatives and friends not to depart this world in such a manner.

“…it was only a music line; I have not decided to die such tragic death, besides my brother and his wife says they will cover my mother’s bed with mattress so that in case I hit my head into it, I may not die…,” he said.

He continued that the entire music and that line in particular was in acknowledgment of the motherly love he enjoyed from Obaapanyin Salomey Afua Kissiwaa who died at the age of 103.

The late Afua Kissiwaa would be buried at the Obo Kwahu cemetery this weekend with the final funeral rites to be held at the town’s funeral grounds.