Muslim Cleric Kills Friend For Money Ritual, Shares His Body Parts

The Lagos state Police have arrested a Muslim cleric, Fatai Afobaje (pictured far left) for conniving with some of his friends including one security officer (middle) to kill and share the body parts of his friend, 40-year-old Kwara indigene, Rafiu Suleiman (pictured right) for money rituals at Oko Agbonla, Magbon in Badagry area of Lagos state on Friday February 13th. Punch reports:Alfa Fatai and Suleiman became friends after they met inside a public transport where Suleiman paid for the transport fare of Alfa Fatai as a mark of respect. After that, the two became friends.

“As soon as the victim got to the street’s gate, the security guards surrounded him and asked who he was looking for. When he told them, they flogged him with charms and he died. They then called the Alfa to come and when he arrived, they shared his body parts. While one collected his head, another demanded all his intestines, while another asked for his br**sts, which were given out.” the source said

Brother to late Suleiman, Yinusa Wahab,  said his brother’s boss was the first to notify his wife of his absence from work. The wife then called him and prevailed on him to go in search of her husband at the Alfa’s place where they went with policemen on Monday February 16th and found his mutilated finger inside a pot with few Naira notes and his headless body in a stream close to his house.