Mahama Blames Dumsor On TV Sets

President John Dramani Mahama has attributed the inconsistent power supply in the country to a high demand for electricity in Ghana, running away from the generation problem previously alluded to.

‘Every young man or woman has a mobile phone and television set. All these run on electricity. That is why government is working to improve the generation capacity,’ he claimed.

President Mahama also took responsibility for the power crisis, saying, ‘Every government has a responsibility to add additional megawatts of power to what is already there just to meet the demand. As president, I take full responsibility for the power crisis and promise to get the country out of it.’

Addressing the Ghanaian community in Gambia where he attended that country’s 50 th  independence anniversary celebration last Wednesday, President Mahama said his government was doing all it could to resolve the crisis.

He has said the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s)   demonstration   had encouraged him to work harder to end the power crisis.

‘Yesterday there was a demonstration about the power crisis in Ghana. I feel very encouraged to do everything possible to end this problem,’ Mahama promised Thursday.

The NPP’s demonstration was to draw government’s attention to the power supply problem adversely affecting businesses in Ghana, with industries collapsing.

The demonstration was highly patronised by both party and non party members.

Blame NDC

Meanwhile, a former energy minister under the erstwhile Kufuor administration, Kofi Adda, has described President Mahama as a confused president who has no idea on how to solve the energy crisis.

Speaking Monday on Adom FM ‘s ‘Burning Issues’ programme, Mr Adda accused the president of wanton abuse of taxpayers’ money and insisted that the government was bereft of ideas to solve the dumsor challenge.

‘Now they are asking us to be patient, patient for ignorance, patient for corruption, patient for incompetence; are they coming to steal more money? I don’t think they are serious,’ he charged.

‘The NDC has been in power for six good years and has plunged the country into darkness for four solid years and what have they done to benefit the people of Ghana? That is a shame! How can they do that?’ he queried.

He said the NPP, under Kufuor, initiated so many projects that were to see a long lasting solution to the power problems of the country, but the NDC failed to continue with those projects, the result of which has landed the country in total darkness.

‘The incompetence clearly shows that you pick people from school, go and put them in the ministry; you pick some people who have not worked before and tell them to manage important things in the country for us. No, it won’t work at all,’ he noted.

He said the only thing the NDC promised to do in the 2011 budget was to add 200 megawatts, but that had been a mirage.

He said Ghanaians should be smart enough to kick the NDC out to end corruption, lies and darkness in the country.

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