London Police caution KKD brother for threatening lady

The London Metropolitan Police has formally cautioned Yaw Addo Darkwah, brother of Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) over the threat he issued to a London-based Ghanaian lady Dilys Fit Chic Sillah.

Adom News reported about a month ago that Yaw Darkwah threatened to send his “trolls” to Dilys Sillah for posting videos of herself on YouTube commenting on the ongoing KKD alleged rape case.

Dilys had posted three videos on Youtube critically analyzing the manner in which the KKD case was being handled as well as the socio-cultural and psychological implications.

Although Dilys did not say KKD was guilty of the offence or that the 19-year-old alleged rape victim, Ewuraeffe Orleans Thompson was innocent, KKD’s brother did not take kindly to the Youtube videos.

Yaw Addo Darkwah sent a message to Dilys’ Facebook inbox threatening to send his “trolls” to her if she talked about KKD again.

Dilys said subsequent to that initial threat, he (Yaw Darkwah) and one of his so called  “trolls” called Nanna A. Glow on Facebook sent several insulting and threatening messages to her on Facebook and YouTube.

She therefore reported the matter to Facebook and to the London Metropolitan Police on Tuesday January 20, 2015.

The police then traced Yaw to his South London home, made several calls to his house phone and left messages for him to report at the police station for interrogation but he ignored the police for more than two weeks.  

He was given the option to make an appearance at the Police Station with his solicitors for questioning.

After playing hide and seek with the police for over two weeks, he finally went to the police station on Monday, February 16, 2015 and was confronted with the evidence.

Yaw Darkwah reportedly admitted to the offence but denied knowing Nanna A. Glow, who issued even more serious threats.

Dilys told Adom News that the police say they have issued a formal caution to Yaw Darkwah and warned him never to contact her again.

The Canadian-based Ghanaian lady, Nanna A. Glow, who also threatened Dilys could also face police interrogation soon.

“The police said they will find a way to get the Nanna A. Glow” she said.

Back on Facebook
Meanwhile, following Dilys’ report to Facebook, Yaw Darkwah’s official Facebook account was completely wipe out.

He is however back on Facebook with a different name, Yaw Addo, having dropped the famous ‘Darkwah’ name that Nanna A. Glow bragged about as “untouchable”.

He has since apologized to Dilys on Facebook and informed the police of the apology.

Dilys is meanwhile currently in Ghana pursuing her vision of enlightening women about their rights, and emphasizing the need for a culture that assists victims instead of vilifying them.

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