Lola Savage – “I’m Not Trying To Be Like Tiwa”


Have you heard of Lola Savage? Noo….she isn’t Tiwa Savage’s sister.

She is an American born singer and she revealed to Vanguard that she’s not trying to be like Tiwa Savage.

When asked if people compare her to the Mavin queen, Lola Savage said: –

“There  really is no comparison except for the last name. She is one of the artistes in Nigeria that have actually paved the way  for most of the female singers that are trying to do their own things. I respect her craft, I respect what she is doing. I am Lola Savage .

I am just trying to do  what I know how to do best since I was a child. I am here to show Nigerians that I can do it too. I am not trying to be like anyone else. I am not trying to be like Tiwa. I can sing too and I can perform. I am just here to show Nigerians that I can build my own brand  and reach the level that some female acts  have attained today. I am confident enough to know that I can get there.”

Her relationship with Tiwa Savage: –

“We are not actually related, it’s more of an extended family affair. Savage is just one family here in Lagos.”