Basketmouth Uses 6 Phones When In UK, 8 Nigerian Numbers And 4 BBM Pins!!!


Could this be for real???

He’s one of the most successful Nigerian comedians ever and I think he deserves all the praise he gets.

He is currently in the UK for his annual comedy tour.

A fellow South African comedian, David Kau  shared a photo of Basketmouth showing that he has 6 smart phones and several other shocking things.

He said: –

“Wish I could say I was joking but I’m not… This is @basketmouth and his 6 phones, just the London numbers. I have about 8 numbers for him for Nigeria, and 4 email addresses, and 4 bbm pins. The most honest Nigerian I have ever met. If you meet a Nigerian and he only has 1 phone, 1 email adress, and 1 bbm pin – Run Away!!! Call the police, NIA, CIA, Immigration – he’s probably lying about being Nigerian.#OneLove #AfricaForAll #AfricaIsNotAJungle #BasketmouthUnsencored #UKtour #Siyaienzalento #TanxForTheLove”

Basketmouth is spotted with about every smart phone known to man, an iPhone, Samsung, a Blackberry and several others.

What do you think?