Nollywood Star talks about working in Ghana

Movies of Thursday, 19 February 2015

Source: NEWS-ONE

Bimbo Manuel Shirley

Popular Nigerian actor Manuel Bimbo has praised Ghana’s rising movie industry and said he would love to work in the country if such an opportunity popped up.

The Nollywood actor made the comments after his debut casting in a Ghanaian production, ‘Gray Dawn’, directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso.

Bimbo’s expression of interest in Ghana’s movie industry comes at a time movie producers from both countries are in a rather prolonged and nasty disagreement over the exact amount of levies actors who leave one country to act in the other should be charged.

Bimbo however says he finds Ghana’s movie industry accommodating and would not hesitate to work in it again if he gets the opportunity.

“If I get calls, I will come to work in Ghana,” he told NEWS-ONE last Friday at the premiere of Grey Dawn in Accra.

“I have not done anything in Ghana before now. Grey Dawn was my first and I had a very good experience. I am impressed with the progress the Ghanaian movie industry has made. I am impressed with the quality of people that work in the industry. I am impressed with the attitude of the people. I am impressed with the dream that they have,” he added.

Bimbo said he accepted Shirley’s script because it was not just good but it also projected a moral lesson about ‘family’, which he personally acknowledged.

“Family is key; family is the nucleus of the society and we cannot get it wrong. If we get it wrong, society collapses and we saw it in film,” he explained.

Bimbo played the lead role in Grey Dawn as government minister Harold who must choose between using his position to help his father-in-law, Kweku Yanka (Kofi Middleton Mends), stay out of jail for tax evasion or allow the law to take its course.

His decision sets in motion a chain of events that lure him into committing the one sin that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Ahead of the movie’s premiere, Shirley Frimpong Manso described Bimbo as a “fantastic actor.”

She said apart from the fact that Sparrow Production wanted to broaden its scope and be able to sell and reach out beyond Ghana, the decision to go for Bimbo was because he is a fantastic actor.