Kojo Bonsu And His KMA Are Confused—Kejetia Traders Fume

Kejetia shop owners and traders association in Kumasi have again slums on the head of the Kumasi mayor Hon. Kojo Bonsu and the KMA’s agenda to reconstruct Kumasi Kejetia and the central market into modern facilities saying the mayor Bonsu is confused.

They said, the KMA headed by Hon. Kojo Bonsu does not really know what they are about because, they are really confused on the whole idea which is an indication of failure.

According to them, Hon. Kojo Bonsu has even failed in circumstances knowing the exact cost involved in the projects it self, conflicting with different figures in the public domain.

This was loud, during a press conference by executives of the Kejetia traders association, shop owners and traders held in Kumasi. The press conference exhibit a slight colour of demonstration by members dressed in red cloth and bans, as means to demonstrate their disregard with the KMA measures to demolish Kejetia bus terminal, to construct over 10,000 stores.

The KMA recently, is championing and sensitizing the public over it intention to reconstructs Kejetia and central market, that official sod cutting is announce to commence early March this year, as first phase starts at Kejetia.

Parliament of Ghana approved a loan facility of $298 for the reconstruction of Kumasi central market. The reconstruction of the market was scheduled to begin in March this year by a Brazilian firm, according to mayor Bonsu.

But speaking at the press conference in Kumasi, the communication director of the traders association Mr. Andrews Pobi, stated that, the mayor has swift his attention to Kejetia with sole aim of demolishing existing stores to build new ones. As means to achieve this, “a lot of conflicting figures have been put out by the personal PRO of the mayor as planned figures for the construction of Kejetia and the Central market beginning with a demolishing of Kejetia”.

He said, the PRO has stated that, the amount for the construction of Kejetia alone is $198 million, whiles central market is $100 million, adding that “he is on record to have stated on another platform that, the amount meant for the construction of Kejetia again is $172 dollars”.

“We the members of Kejetia traders association consider this as connivance to do injustice by the mayor and his partners to the detriment of the people of Kumasi and everything thing in our right would be done to get it in the bud”. He lamented.

He added that, the pugnacious nature of Hon. Bonsu in this atmosphere of peace is only going to add to the street a lot of unemployment and give birth to public nuisance.

According to him, the Kejetia terminal has never experienced any fire outbreak to warrant its immediate demolishing, therefore defeats the purpose for which the terminal was constructed. He stressed that, the hullabaloo about the resettlement is a complete farce and does not exist on earth, stating that, the KMA has not been able to provide any suitable alternative neither has it formally written to any of their members.

He noted, the intention of building over 10,000 stores in the bus terminal is inappropriate, adding that, there are real issues with the propriety of KMAs decision to turn the Kejetia terminal into a full markets stores.

On his part, the Chairman of association Mr. Benard K. Dwomoh and the CEO of Bentronic, denied claims by the KMA to have served them notice of the said projects. He said, the KMA has not officially giving them a letter bothering their idea. He dares the mayor if such measure is done.

According to him, they are the major stakeholders and should be recognized as such. He emphasized that, they are not against development, but rather kicking against the injustice to the thousands of traders who earn their living through legitimate trade at Kejetia. “What we are against is dishonesty corruption greed, financial malfeasance and abuse of power by government appointees”. He stated.

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