Fred Pappoe chides detractors of Great Olympics

A leading member of Great Olympics feels attempts to take management from his team are not right.

Fred Pappoe, a board member, believes the naysayers behind these utterances are pursuing a wrong agenda that is borne out of bad information and poor judgment.

Olympics are in a bad way in the league after seven matches, something the administrator acknowledges.

“Unfortunately for us the team has not started well but that is also understandable because if you have a situation where you have virtually recruited a coach who decides to desert the team [with a] week to the commencement of the league then you are in trouble,” Pappoe told Joy Sports in Accra.

Long associated with the club, the former FA vice president remains focused despite the groundswell of unpopular opinion.

“But [we] will not throw our hands out in despair at all because these kinds of reactions are exactly the kind of reaction we don’t need as a club. But for whatever reason people will choose to go on air to satisfy their pay masters and say things they do not understand.

“I believe we are not going to be discouraged by these kinds of sentiments because they are coming from people who are not so well guided and informed.

“Olympics is not an institution which is a joke. Olympics is a serious institution,” he said.

Fred Pappoe was key in the club’s run to qualify for this season’s top flight after four years in the second tier. But after seven matches, the Wonder Club are bottom of the log. Story by Ghana/Joy Sports/Benedict Owusu

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