BPA Curtails Black Fly Menace At Bui

As part of its social corporate responsibilities, the Bui Power Authority’s (BPA) initiated programmes to militate against the onchocercaisis vectors( black flies) at Bui and its environs is yielding positive results with the total eradication of the black fly nuisance nearly in sight.

In an interview with The New Crusading GUIDE newspaper to ascertain the levels of control of the nuisance, the Chief of Bui Nana Kwadwo Wuo II stated that he can confidently say that the nuisance posed by the black flies in the past has gone down drastically. He said the situation is far better than last year and previous years where farmers had to cover their whole body and faces before they can go to their farms to prevent flies attack.

The Assemblyman of the Bongase Electoral area Hon. Benjamin Osei also confirmed to this reporter that “its very true that the situation has really gone down” and that if the BPA continuously organize spraying programmes the nuisance will be a thing of the past.

A worker and a farmer Edmund Abanjuo and Mohammed Ali both of Jama and Dokokyina communities respectively also shared the same view of a drastic improvement on the situation and are of the believe that if the spraying exercise is maintained for a while the black fly nuisance will be completely eradicated.

However, the BPA has also engaged the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) on the above mentioned programme to oversee the implementation of the short term actions and to coordinate the needed research activities and advise BPA on the formulation of medium and long term strategies to eradicate the Black fly nuisance.

Initial works carried out included; prospection for breeding sites, selection of appropriate larvicide, spraying of larvicide on breeding sites and the conduct of hydro biological monitoring to ascertain the effect of the larvicide on water bodies and organisms within it.

Meanwhile, BPA is also collaborating with Zoom Lion Ghana Ltd on the spraying exercise against mosquitoes and the black flies at the Site as a short term measure. Furthermore, the Zoom Lion Ghana Ltd had often fumigated all the Camps against insects and reptiles (especially snakes) from time to time.

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