Blindfolded penalties: Sergio Aguero takes on David Villa in shootout challenge

Sergio Aguero and David Villa came together at Manchester City’s Football Academy on Friday morning as the two strikers went head-to-head in a series of blindfolded challenges.

The contest was billed as Manchester vs New York as the deadly duo competed against one another in a penalty shootout, the crossbar challenge and a corner-scoring game.

Their predatory instincts were put to the ultimate test with neither Aguero or Villa able to see their target as they attempted each challenge blindly.

There are few things more entertaining than watching prolific strikers play around with trick shots.

New MLS team NYCFC put Sergio Aguero and David Villa together on a field and had some fun.

Aguero (who plays for NYCFC parent team Manchester City) and Villa were blindfolded and asked to try to score from the penalty spot.

And just to make it harder, the striker not taking the kick got to move around some dummy defenders.

Despite Aguero’s sneaky tactics, it looks like Villa was the victor.

This bodes well for NYCFC, especially if they play some games blindfolded.

Take a ‘look” in the video below:

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