Wesley Girls High School 74 Year Group Unveils Foundation

The 1974 year group of Wesley Girls High School (WGHS), at the weekend unveiled a Foundation to support their Alma Mater at the school’s 178th anniversary celebration and 2015 Speech and Prize giving day.

The Vice-President of the WGHS 74 year group, Ms. Paulina Dzadzawa, who announced the Foundation, indicated that it had been set up to support underprivileged students in the school, for the welfare of teachers as well as the development and maintenance of infrastructure for the school.

This year’s speech and prize giving day was under the theme “Striving to make ICT a tool for national development- the role of the stakeholder”. The event was attended by current students of the school, their parents as well as dignitaries and various WGHS old girls’ associations.

The Chief Justice, Her Ladyship, Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood, an old girl of Wesley Girls High school who was the Guest of Honour for the occasion, congratulated the 1974 year group on their foresight in setting up this Fund and prayed for God’s blessings on the Foundation.

The headmistress of the school, Mrs. Betty Djokoto, said, “Our old girls continue to be the backbone of our school. I believe their continuous success in life is due to the fact that they sacrificially give towards a worthy cause to make the lives of others better”. She added, “In case you are in doubt I want to let you know that some do not have daughters who can be admitted and yet they continue to give”.

The President of ‘74 year group, Ms. Esther Amba Numaba Cobbah, Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Communications Africa Ltd. (Stratcomm Africa), who was Chairperson for the Speech and Prize-giving ceremony, observed that “the school infrastructure has not really kept pace with the growth of the school which makes the continued record of excellence even more commendable. Since we value what is being done in this wonderful institution, all of us old girls particularly have the responsibility to contribute to the good work. We would like to congratulate old girls on their continuing support to the school. We urge each of us to do more”.

She said “Issues of integrity and accountability are recognised as critical for our nation’s future. I have no doubt that women, especially products of WGHS, will prove to be models of integrity, ever ready to be accountable whether in the public or private sector. That is consistent with the vision of WGHS: “To produce God fearing, well balanced and self confident individuals who are capable of taking the challenges of a fast changing world in their own stride whilst making the most of every opportunity for self development and service to mankind”.

On ICT, Ms. Cobbah described it as a powerful tool transforming the whole world and it must be related to our national situation to serve local needs. “It is when we ourselves take hold of the enormous potential of ICT and become innovators, not just consumers of what others produce that we can derive value for our nation and our continent. She said

Mrs. Abigail Painstil, former Deputy Auditor General and an a member of the school’s 1964 year group who delivered the key note address on the theme for the occasion, outlined critical roles that different stakeholders can play to make ICT useful to our country.

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The 1974 Year Group of Wesley Girls High School, marking 40 years since graduating from the school, in accordance with the tradition of the school, the ’74 year group set up the Foundation as its contribution to the school. The group announced that about 60,000 Ghana cedis has already been raised. The target for the moment is to have a revolving fund of GHC10,000.00. Donation to the Fund are welcome from individuals as well as corporate bodies. All old girls are particularly encouraged to donate to the Fund.

Wesley Girls High School is one of Ghana’s most respected all-girls secondary schools. It was established in 1836 as a Methodist Secondary School. For close to two centuries, the school has consistently maintained very high academic and moral standards. A good number of women in prominent positions in Ghana are products of Wesley Girls High School. The school has as its vision ‘To produce God fearing, well balanced and self confident individuals who are capable of taking the challenges of a fast and chang¬ing world in their stride whilst making the most of every opportunity for self development and service to mankind’.

The motto of the school is ‘Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong, Follow the King.’

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