Panji backs Mzbel on Jesus Christ issue

Entertainment of Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Panji Anof

CEO of Pidgen Music, Panji Anorff has declared before that he does not believe in Jesus Christ and is very happy Mzbel has also come out to say the same thing.

Panji also decided to type a few words on his Facebook and share with his social media friends and fans. Read below what he wrote:

“Mzbel you have made me proud. Enlightenment is frightening for someone that has always been told what to think. Mental slavery cannot last forever. The Churches fooled the Europeans for hundreds of years and taxed them to the point of starvation, then one day they rose up and said “NO MORE”. Today all those churches are museums, nightclubs, libraries, factories or have been demolished. Now, it is now our turn. Thank u for your courage”, he wrote.