Julius Debrahs Appointment Politically Expedient—Kyei Baffour

A local governance expert, George Kyei Baffour has stated that the recent appointment of local government minister, JULIUS DEBRAH to the position of chief of staff is politically expedient.

Speaking on ‘Top Issue’ a NEWS PROGRAM on ‘Kumasi based’ Ultimate FM; he indicated he wasn’t surprised at the president’s decision as the country was nearing an electioneering year.

He explained that, “looking at the pedigree of the government and the challenges confronting the government, it had to sit up to ensure that hard core party elements who understand the philosophy and the geo politics of the party have their experiences and knowledge brought to bear on the governance on the country and to galvanize the party towards 2016.”

This he believes was absent in the three exits from the presidency in the persons of Prosper Bani, senior communications adviser – Ben Dotse Malor and the presidents executive secretary – Raymond Atuguba.

He added, “You will realize that these three elements had no critical stake in the party and that had brought a bother to the party machinery and I believe that culminated to the apparent disagreement between the chief of staff and some other elements on one hand and the party stalwarts and the party machinery on the other.”

He however praised Mr Julius Debrah for his cool headed demeanour and his tolerance to views and contributions of both likeminded and contrary opinions.

Reposing confidence in him, George Kyei Baffour emphasized “his good human relations and the way he deals decisively with people will play to his advantage and he will deliver.”

Meanwhile, deputy minister of Local Governance and Rural Development Emmanuel Kojo Agyekum told Ultimate Fm, his outfit will ensure that programs including the National Sanitation Day initiative will be kept alive even in the absence of the substantive minister who initiated it.

“The ministry will ensure that whatever activity Julius Debrah was doing will be continued because he actually brought everyone on board so the team is still there. It’s just the leader of the team who has been elevated,” he stated.

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