Photos: Top town armed robbery victims call for Joint Police- Military patrols

Residents of Top town, a suburb of Amanfrom near Kasoa in the Ga South Municipal Assembly have appealed to Inspector General of Police as a matter of urgency to deploy Joint Police-Military patrol teams to their community to save them from the hands of armed robbers.

Three armed robbery cases were recorded in one week in an operation involving seven houses.

 The residents aptly described the  incident as unprecedented because they experienced  have not had continuous  day light and night robberies of such magnitude  .

The residents made the call yesterday when they met to find lasting solution to the persistent armed robbery attacks in the community.

The residents were of the view that since the police under whose jurisdiction Top town falls came to the scene very late with an explanation that they had logistic problems, the police administration should deploy more of the Joint Police-Military patrol teams to save the situation.

Mr. Emmanuel Addo was shot in the chest after encountering the robbers face to face. The shout of a tenant in his mother’s house  had brought him out of his room.

Mr. Addo said I was asleep and heard the tenant so he went to the scene only to be told by one of the armed robbers to return so the moment he turned the armed robber shot him.

Another victim, Mr Eric Yeboah was not spared when the robbers used cement blocks to break his door to enter his room and stole his eight hundred Ghana cedis at gun point.

Another  victim Mr Appiah was stabbed at the back when he made an attempt snatch his baby from the robbers.The robbers made away with GHC 300.

 The residents who are now living in fear agreed to take to initiate neighborhood watch dog committee to protect lives and properties in their town.

The Assembly man for the area Zacharia Mohamed appealed to the Minister of Interior Mark Woyongo to consider their plight to deploy heavy security presence in his electoral area.

He said his electoral area has become target of armed robbers of late and thinks that something  urgent should be done to protect the people.

He noted that the growth of population is now beyond capacity of the police. He advised residents to be more vigilant and report any suspected behavior of strangers .

                                                               Mr Appiah’s wounds sustained from the attack

                                                                          Emmanuel Addo

Emmanuel Addo
                            Residents of Top town
                                    Hon. Zacharia Mohamed Ali

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