Krobo Schools Appeal For Support As Heavy Rainfall Collapse Buildings

Thursday February 12, 2015, Somanya: A heavy rainfall which was preceded by a strong windstorm has on Wednesday afternoon collapsed buildings and school blocks in the Yilo-Krobo Municipality.

Among the classroom blocks affected were the Yilo State Junior High School and the Old Bethel Shool.

Kloma Hengme; a Krobo advocacy and heritage association, can confirm that two classroom blocks of the Yilo State JHS including the Headmasters office, and the nursery block had collapsed, and their roofing over such buildings taken off by the strong windstorm.

The head teacher of the school; Alex Nyarko Padi, told the association that he lost important documents, files, text books and sheets belonging to the school as those valuables and documents were kept in his office. He is also lamenting that since Thursday, classes hours became disrupted as there is no place to accommodate the pupils.

Again in the Old Bethel School, four classrooms blocks also collapsed and the roofing on such buildings taken off by the windstorm. Since the rainfall and the subsequent destruction of their buildings, classes hours in this school also has been disrupted as there no places to accommodate the pupils. Some of the pupils, as young as 2 years of age, have for the fear of their lives opted to be withdrawn from the school permanently.

The Kloma Hengme association is therefore appealing to the National Disaster Management (NADMO), government, the general public and philanthropic organizations, to as a matter of urgency, come to the aid of the aforementioned schools to bring teaching and learning to its normalcy.

Emergency enquiries:

0244 036651,

0243 804684

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