F14 concert with Amakye Dede, R2bees records lowest concert turnout in history

Entertainment of Monday, 16 February 2015

Source: Starrfmonline.com


Entertainment writers have called the second edition of the F14 concert organised by Abba Investment group the worst musical concert ever held at the Accra International Conference Center.

The event which had Amakye Dede, R2Bees, Nana Quame, DKB, Kacey Moore, Jacinta, and Abenkwan on the bill, was intended to occupy and treat couples to some entertaining performances.

The maiden edition was successful with highlife pro, Kwabena Kwabena as the headline act.

A reporter with the Ghanaian based Entertainment Blog OMGGhana.com shares an account of what he witnessed covering the event.

“Let me steal your time and tell you what really happened at the Accra International Conference when Abba Investment ruined people’s Val’s Night including the Rock of Gibraltar, John Mensah who was at the event with his newly wedded wife. I got to the venue around 8:30 pm only to see the security men at the entrance with nobody buying tickets or checking in. On my way to the venue, I was pre-informed that the show had started so I thought I was late only to enter and get the shock of my life since I started covering events at the Accra International Conference Center.

“The venue of the event had just few people who were parked in front of the stage clearly showing all the empty seats behind. Few of the patrons who could not wait any longer due to late start of the show started leaving the venue around 10 pm.

“The organisers of the show did a great work when they realized people had started leaving. They made the instrumentalists entertain the audience for close to an hour before DKB who was on bill as a comedian (I stand to be corrected) came on stage.

“Before DKB came on stage, the number had increased but it was still not encouraging for such a concert. Fast forward to the performances, the show started with an underground artiste coming to disgrace himself, after him was BBA 9 rep, Kaceey Moore who entertained the crowd with his poetry and music group Galaxy came in with their boring performance.

“Comedienne Jacinta and Abenkwan also followed with their jokes which got the audience laughing.

“All this while, DKB who was the host of the show had been telling the audience about the presence of Amakye Dede, R2Bees and Nana Quame at the venue. Hopes of the patrons at the venue grew higher when DKB on two occasions informed them that “For the first time, R2Bees will be performing with a live band”.

“Then came “John the Baptist” Nana Quame who came to prepare the crowd with his melodious voice as they waited for R2Bees and Amakye Dede. The disappointment started when Nana Quame finished his performance. For close to 15 minutes, there was nobody on stage to perform or communicate anything to the audience. DKB later came on stage trying to find an excuse which was well accepted but that wasn’t what the few people gathered wanted to hear, “Who Is the Next act?”

“DKB after his long talks left the stage without mentioning any artiste’s name which put the audience in suspense, guessing who the next act would be. After about five minutes, DKB came back to give the bitter news lovers obviously did not want to hear on a Val’s Day night. The long and short of whatever DKB said was, Amakye Dede and R2Bees cannot perform, blaming ECG for their absence. According to DKB, the power at the venue could no longer support their machines to continue the event. Before then, he had asked the patrons not to throw away their tickets for a surprise so I guess that was the surprise.

“As if that was a joke, he further apologized to the audience and asked them to leave but return for another concert to be held on a later date for the two artistes who did not perform on the night. Disappointed as the audience were, they left one after the other thinking they will be called back but that never happened.

“I’ve tried to cut a long story short but that is how bad the event was. Organisers failed to give reasons for the absence of the legendary Amakye Dede and R2Bees when they were approached saying that they will make it known through the press by Monday.

“Check out some pictures from the concert below but before then, all these pictures were taken when the event was ongoing not before or after.”

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